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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Missing My Husband So Much!

Every time my husband goes back to work after his 3 and 4 days off from work, I couldn't help but miss him. I couldn't sleep well at night and sad. One time I asked him if he feels the same, and he said "yes." He doesn't wan to go, but he needs to. I know what he meant, it's just that I have gotten used to hanging out with him. I feel so safe and secure when he is around. The strange this is that when I sleep on his side of our bed, I would fall asleep easily, as if he is laying down next to me. So every morning when he gets back from work, he would find me there and would kiss me on my cheek saying "Honey, you need yo move a little bit so I can sleep," lol. The only explanation I can think of is: " i love my husband so much." And he loves me back the same. This man is not only my best friend, and lover but also my soul mate and companion through all eternity. And I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband! With that, I am forever grateful to HIM!

On FB, a friend of mine at church posted this:

even after 12 years, I still miss him when he's not here.

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Farrah Coren, I am the same way. I hate being away from Bart.

Vanessa Same here

Alicia I understand!

Lou I miss Bart too :)

Tonia Being married to your best friend is the best!!!

Margie I think it gets worse the longer I've been married! (meaning I miss him more when he goes)

Coren Well, he did just come back home and started groping me, so now I just want him to go.

Margie ‎:-)

Farrah Lou, I could let you borrow him for a while.

Diane It's the same after 36.

That means, am not the only one who misses their hubbies so much!

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  1. awww so sweet. I can feel how much you your husband. YOu are both blessed to have each other!