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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CC: He is Not a Picky Eater!

One of the things I like about Caucasian is that they are very vocal with what they feel and think. It makes our life easier because they don't hide what they feel...well at least with my hubby. He tells me how much he hates it when I pluck my eyebrows or when I fry dried fish. Talking about cooking, if I can cook, he can cook, too! I might not be a very good cook, but to him..I am except when it comes to certain Filipino foods such as "Dinuguan, Kare kare, Pinapaitan, Bopis, and Adobong Atay. Well, at least he tried them first before he said "i don't like it." He loves adobo, nilaga, caldereta minus liver, apritada, menudo, tinola, sinigang and etc...He used to eat pansit, but is burned out of it. He wouldn't even touch it at all now. Noticed now, yeah, he loves to eat and he is not a picky eater either. His photo says it all, lol! On the other hand, I do the same when it comes to the food he cooks. I will try to eat once or twice of his foods, but that's about it. I love his chicken curry the best!

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  1. buti nga si Matt at i try pa kahit paano, si Rodney, sa itsura pa lang, iiling na kapag ayaw nya. totoo yan, mga Caucasian eh vocal talaga, and honest which I like, sabi ko sa asawa ko, sabihin nya sa sa akin if kulang sa alat, sa tamis or kapag di masarap, and he does tell me what he thinks.. para ma improve next time di ba? Rodney likes Caldereta, Nilaga and menudo too, pera ayaw ng may liver :)

  2. That's so true Ate Cess. Honest and very vocal. Say what they want to say. Not too much drama. Sana ganun din mga ibang pinoy para maiwasan ang tsismis at samaan ng loob. Ang hubby ko naman likes, adobo and sinigang. he likes caldereta too. Pancit ok lang sa kanya but not crazy about it like me. Kumakain din sya palabok but not much.

  3. good for you na nakatagpo ka ng hindi picky sa foods!!! atleast nag try sya kumain!!!
    hindi din biro ang magka partner ng ibang iba ang food style sa nakasanayan nating mga pinoy!!!
    pero you seem enjoying SIs!!!

  4. at least u need not guess about a thing...
    mas mahirap pa kc ung maghihintay ka ng sasabihin minsan wala pa nga...


  5. Wow buti pala hubby mo try kahit ano..sakin hitsura pa alng hindi na kahit tingnan..at hindi sinasabi sakin na ayaw niya sa niluto ko kasi cry ako agad eh..heheh

    heres mine... http://jenny-thewayiusetobe.blogspot.com/2011/04/cc-when-he-doesnt-like-what-i-cooked.html

  6. that was so sweet.. and you are lucky to have a husband who can cook, some girls are not as lucky as you and I are, lol! mine's mine's HERE by the way..

  7. wow that's nice he is not a picky eater, same with my husband he can eat Filipino foods but not always kay mahadlok modaku tiyan, you know na Pinoy foods mga heavy pero mokaon siya ug dulotan pud pagkaon. Good for you Cel kay dli maglabad imo ulo luto for hubby!

    mine is up too, hope you take your time checking it out!
    When He Doesn't Like The Food I Cook