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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Couple's Corner: I Love You, Honey!

Rodliz’s Nest

Growing up, being vocal with how you feel toward one another is/was the hardest thing to do. My parents, siblings and I love each other but we don't express it in words; we just know and feel it. I think it would have been nice had my parents were expressive with their feeling in words. Even now, I rarely say I love you to them before hanging the phone up. I admire my hubby's family because they say "i love you" after they talked over the phone.

Anyway, Matt and I are very vocal with what we feel to each other. A day will never pass without saying "I love you" before going to bed and right before he steps out of the door on his way to work. My son is not quite as vocal yet, but It makes me feel happy when he says it to me without being ask. We always hugs each other, hold hands when walking and sometimes even when driving the car. He knows that I am not in the mood when he said 'I love you" on the phone and I didn't say "i love you" back. Then, he would call back and wouldn't stop till I say "I am okay". Just yesterday, I asked him whether he still loves me despite of the fact that he had seen the worst in me (lazy, moody, prideful, and can be a nagger sometimes). And he said: what kind of question is that? Of course I love you! You are the best thing that ever happened to me...I love you and I would do everything for you to make you happy. I seldom look Matt in the eye saying I love him so much and thanks for marrying me with tears in my eyes... then he would give me a great big hug!

I love it when he says: thanks for the nice dinner, honey, or thanks for cleaning the house, etc...and he feels the same way when I appreciate even the small thing he does to me. This man is the best husband I have ever met. Oh how much I love this man!


  1. Wahhhh! ang sweet naman ate Ceciel. Lam mo, my family in the Philippines, di rin kami nagsasabihan ng I love you, kasi di naman uso, but we do love each other and we will do anything to protect one another.

    Dito naman, mga in laws ko, puro mga i love you's after phone calls, so dahil loves ko na rin sila, sagot na rin ako ng i love you too. hehehe..

    Between me and Rodney, it's our everyday thing, or minsan out of nowhere nagsasabihan kami ng i love you, pero bihira yung nagtititigan hahaha. Heto nga at kakaalis lang pa work, habang ginagawa ko tong comment ko, nag say good bye, tinitigan ko at sabi ko " i love you honey" ahahaha, pinagtawanan ako at ano raw ba ang gusto ko. Kaasar. Pareho tayo, kasi madalas ko rin tanungin si Rodney if he still loves me, lalo kapag makalat sa kwarto, at di ako nagluto, hehehe..Kaartehan ko lang. I amg lad you joined this week..

  2. ur so true ate cecille..Ganyan din kami ni habibi.. minsan im asking him if he still loves me.. napapadalas na nga yata hehehe.. and he will tell the same like ur hubby.. FYI my husband was ill for a very long time now.. not a very usuall illness and he told me Im the reason why he is still alive.o di ba haba ng hair ng lola.. love ur post ..

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  3. Buti nalang napaka expressive ni matt mo ces. pareho tayo pag wala sa mood or galit hindi nagiging sweet hehe, kaya hubby ko hindi na nag sasabi ng I love ngayon. You are right, part kasi ng life natin ang upbringing ng parents natin. Kami puro mga bato kasi yun ang kinalakihan namin. We are still lucky to have found good husband who can teach us things that we never learn yet. thanks for sharing. http://shydub-simplehappylife.blogspot.com/2010/01/cc-have-i-told-you-lately-that-i-love.html

  4. Ako naman, that's one thing I am thankful of. My family brought me up with those words as normal and I am not shy of saying it. I can tell I love you to my mom and dad, to all my titos and titas and to my lola. And I made sure I do the same with my family now. Sa side ni hubby, they don't say it personally and they are not the super touchy and super sweet kind of family, pero good thing is he chose to change it in our family.

    Mamaya nga eh matanong din si Mark kung love pa nya ako.. wahaha!!! nag eemote nanaman ako.. LOL

  5. Iba kasi ang culture natin ate eh, di tayo masyadong expressive in words but in deeds. Kami din ate di kami nagsadsabihan ng I love you's in Pinas, its just now that I tell Mama that I love whenever I call her kasi I learned from my lesson where I never told Papa how much I care hanggang nawala na lang sya..

    Have I told you Lately that I Love....

  6. cheesy din pala kayo kagaya namin, ehehe. masarap naman kase sa pakiramdam kapag lagi kang sinsabihan ng i love you. sigurado pati baby nyo mahahawa sa inyong pagkasweet.

    yung parents at siblings ko cheesy din. kahit sa text meron kaming "love you" sa huli kahit ngayong may mga asawa na kami. kinalakihan kase namin. bago ba itong site mo, ces?

  7. it is true ate cel, it so hard to say I love you to our parents..mura man gud ta maulaw mo-storya...mao if mg I love you ko sa text nalang, same with my sisters..it is so hard to say I love you to them personally.. pero sa banana kay dali ra kaau litukon ang I love you ai hehehe

  8. ang sweet naman Cecs... When I was growing up, I wanted to let my loved ones know that I do love them and I care for them, and now that I am married, hindi maalis sa akin to say I love you... parang common na sa amin ni Winn to say the lovely words and makes us both happy and sweet to each other which I really like the most