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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CC: Bedtime Routine/Habits

Just so you know, I am still on vacation, but since this is the first day I turned my computer on after almost a week of not having an internet connection, I'd like to congratulate myself for being able to live without it. ..yay!!!! Yup, I didn't go to bed without checking Liza's blog to read her entry for this week's Couple's Corner. So, here is my share for this week.

After cleaning my face, brushing teeth, putting jammy on, taking meds and giving myself insulin shot...this is what happens before bedtime...wherever we are whether...on a vacation, camping or just being home, part of our nightly routine as family is to pray as family and as individual. Then afterward, read to our son, tuck him to bed after we say "i love you with a hug and kiss." Hubby and I would hug and give each other a smooch before we jumped into bed followed by "i love you's" of course. We seldom go to bed together; he usually goes to bed early since he is a morning person and I am not. I don't go to bed till I am done with what I am dong in my computer. But when we go to bed the same time/together, we would cuddle for a while and normally I would fall asleep into his arms when I am very sleepy and tired...if not then after the hugs, we would sleep in spoon, pursuit, and sweetheart cradle positions (see the attached photos). I can never sleep feeling his breath on my face though -:)! Anyway, neither one of us sleeps naked. I wear a pair of cotton pajamas and sometimes hubby's comfy shirt on top. Matt on the other hand wears short and t shirt and can't sleep without his CPAP machine for his sleep apnea. No matter how early or late we go to bed, we would always wake up an hour ahead of time before our son goes to school.

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  1. Wow naman, talagang spoon and sweeetheart cradle position ha. Naku, ako eh di makatulog na magkayapos kami ni Rodney, talikuran na agad kapag ka kiss ng goodnight, lagi akong naka side view matulog, for some reason. Aba, at wala ka palang internet for a week, and you survived? I am so proud of you!!

  2. yan din ang mga posisyon namin sa pagtulog. nga lang mga maximum 30 minutes lang at nakakangawit. comfy kami sa magkatalikod talaga. siempre pa pagdating ng madaling araw dantayan blues kami hehehe..

  3. I love the first bed position ces.

  4. haha.. congrats, ate ces! ako din kaya ko naman ng walang internet connection basta nasa holiday.. pag sa bahay lang.. goodluck.. sasabog ako! hahaha!!!

    naku, the most important thing that you do which we don't is praying together... I want that too...