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Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Spring Break Vacations

Exactly one year today for my birthday, my family and I went for our spring vacation at Virginia Beach, VA. That was my husband's present for me. We had so much fun! First, we stayed three days in one of the hotel near the beach where we did a lot of things. My son enjoyed the beach as well as the bike ride and foods. After that, we visited two island in North Carolina; one is The Cape Haterras and the other one was the OcraCoke island. While there, we toured the island and found restaurants that serve really good foods. We also enjoyed the old light house as well as the shops that sell unique souvenirs. One thing I noticed was the many places to stay with. Outer Banks rentals in the island are very affordable and the amenities are great! My hubby and I thought that someday when we go there again, we would stay for a night or two for our visit there last year only lasted for a day. Talking about spring break vacation, we just got back from a week of vacation in New Mexico where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery such as the White Sand Dunes at Alamogordo, Carlsbad Cavern, Carlsbad and a mountain hike with my in-laws at Bandelier National Forest, Los Alamos, NM. I will be posting our photos later :-)!

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