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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CC: We Cuddle a Lot!

Rodliz’s Nest

As what I said on Liza's comment box, one way to show that you love and care for your spouse is cuddling. Matt and I cuddle each other whenever we get a chance like watching TV together. I not only feel loved but also safe and secure...and he feels the same way, too. I like it that when Jake see's us cuddle, he jumps up right away on to our laps and cuddles with us :-). We call it now, a "family hug". Now, he (Jake) hugs and kisses me or Daddy every time he feels like telling how much he loves us. He is such a sweet little boy. Anyway, I don't think there is something wrong with cuddling each other when kids are present. For me, cuddling in front of our kids teach them how much their parents love each other and later in life they will treat their future spouses the same way. Okay, regarding cuddling after being intimate is normal and I think every couple does that after...or maybe I am wrong about it...maybe some sleep after ward :-)...but not us...we say I Love You while we are holding each other *wink*. Oh, did I mention that it is easier for me to fall asleep when he is holding me even when we are just watching our fave show or when we go to bed. He always tells me that he wishes that he can fall asleep like me in less than a minute! Yup, I can fall asleep that fast...snoring, he said :-)!


  1. Very well said tCes, kaya lang kami di makapagcuddle in front of them kasi they immediately jumpin in our laps lol.. Mine is at Nostalgic ate..

  2. Ganyan din dito sa bahay, kapag magkayapos kami ni Rodney at nakita ng mga girls, naku, eh nadadaganan ako. Tama ka ate Cecile, the kids need to see their parents being happy and love each other, kasi yun ang magtuturo sa kanila ng LOVE and Harmony.

    May mga couples na after sharing a very intimate thing, magkatalikod na, not good di ba? Kaya masaya tayong nakakatulog afterward eh kasi napi feel natin ang pagmamahal ng ating mga patners. Kahit nga i caress lang ang aking hair, masaya na ako eh..

  3. Sarap talaga ang cuddling moments with our loved ones :)

  4. cuddling is a good bonding moment. it feels good and relaxing. it helps boost kids moods, confidence and health too. happy CC, Ces!

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  5. Buti nga ikaw eh kasama sa hug nyo ni Sir Mat at Jake--ako palaging naiiwan kasi selos ang mga bata kaya kung tulog na sila,saka ko na lang nasososolo si hubby lol!
    Siguro di mo na naririnig yung iba pang sinasabi ni hubby mo kasi nakatulog ka na lol!^_^

  6. ganyan na pala talaga pg may baby na..parang ngseselos ang mga kids pag hinugug tayo ng hubby natin..i would like to experience that..

  7. tama naman ate ces.. ika nga nila.. the best gift you can give your kids is showing them how much you love one another.. dba nakakatuwa na kahit paglaki nila, ipagmamalaki nila na ay, ang mommy at daddy ko, sweet parin hanggang ngayon... love love love!!! hehe..