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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Your Kid/Kids Are Sick

Sick days don't have to be torture for you and your kids. If you use them right, sick days can allow for some great parent-child bonding time. There are whiners and spectrum kids. Spectrum kids are those who refuse to be sick...just like my son. Even when they're feeling under the weather, they insist on running around instead of giving their bodies time to recover. Keep these children busy with fun, low-key activities throughout the recovery period.

Activities: Fun and Fruitful
Be sure sick days aren't an excuse for your child to veg out on TV and video games (which might make him more likely to trick you in the future). Sick days can be a chance for children to be creative and spend some one-on-one time with Mom or Dad. But how do you entertain both the whiner and the wild child? Here are some ideas:

1. Challenge your child to a draw-off.
2. Choose crafts.
3. Let your child explore artwork
4. Hands-on activities are always fun for kids.
5. Dig out those classic games
6. Get out.
7. Let your child create her own story book or comic book.
8. Speaking of reading.

Keeping Kids Healthy
Of course, each child will have a different activity level depending on how sick he is. Helping your child return to health should be the top priority.

If the doctor prescribes medicine, make sure your child is informed about how much medicine she needs and how it will help her. Tell your child when she needs to take the medicine and have her remind you when it's time. This helps children become responsible for their own recovery.

For colds and flu, make sure your child drinks lots of water and juice. And feed children soft foods like the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer close to the bed will also prevent your child from passing germs to other objects and teach your child about the importance of sanitation.

Once they've recovered, children should be reminded of good health habits like washing hands and eating healthy foods.

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