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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CC: Honesty is the Best Policy

For me honesty is one of the most important part of every relationship...be with family members, on friendship, and most of all between husband and wife. Physical appearance is not as important as being beautiful inside. The Lord looks in our hearts...He knows whether we are honest and can be trusted. For every marriage to survive, honesty is a MUST! If honesty is not present, trust will never exists.

I am glad that I am married to a man who is honest. He tells me everything, from his past, present; he doesn't care if it is embarrassing experienced or his success. And because he loves me for who I am...he tells me whatever in his mind. And in return, I do the same. I can tell him when he needs a shower or he stinks :-). With him, he is not worried that I might get angry when he says that I need to comb my hair or when my face needs cleaning :-). Small things like that can be offended to others.

Money wise, this can break marriages and homes when honesty is not 100% given. I've seen many couples broke their vows and the hearts of their kids because of a broken marriages. With me and Matt, we are honest dealing with our finances. Though he's the only one who brings bacon home, he doesn't mind that I send money to my family in the Philippines or buys them stuffs....that is because I was honest enough to tell him that I need to help them...and he understands. No wonder why we are still together for nearly 10 years.

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  1. Ate Cecile, yehey!ang aga natin ah. nakalimutan ko pala maglagay ng Mcklinky, nai add ko na ang entry mo.

    totoo ka dyan..kahirap ng jobless, minsan kakahiyang manghingi sa mga asawa natin noh? pero ok lang mababait naman sila, kaya nga need lang na tayo eh maging tapat sa lahat ng bagay, para ang tiwala nila sa atin eh hindi magbago.

  2. a very inspiring post you have here teCes...I salute you!

    bait talaga ni kuyaMatt....:)

  3. Honesty is always the best policy. I agree with you ces, with out honesty, trust don't exist. Love your entry.

  4. wow 10 years, ang galing naman hehehe mine is up and its here http://www.terryannemary.com/2010/03/couples-corner-honesty-is-best-policy.html thanks

  5. You hit the spot Ces.. honesty is indeed essential to every relationship to keep it strong and long term.

  6. honesty is undoubtedly the best policy. maybe the truth can be hurtful to others but to a couple who understands each other, like you and matt, you can say anything and everything.

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  7. Korek ka dyan ate, honesty is where you build your trust, the foundation of a trustworthy relationship.. Buhay na uloit ako ate hehehe..

  8. I agree with that,Ate Ces.Importante talaga ang merong trust sa isat-isa.

  9. I agree with you sis. Honesty is the best foundation for all relationships. If a relationship is grounded in lies it will soon be divided.

  10. ay late ako sa CC rounds..

    totoo naman ate ces.. super important ang honesty sa kahit saang relationship at lalong lalo na sa marriage..