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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Need Diets that Work!

Eating out a lot with my family is taking its toll on me and my hubby now. Despite of the fact that we eat healthy foods, we cannot help ourselves from eating more than we should have. It is true that no matter how healthy the foods you are eating, but if you do not watch the portion of every foods you put into your mouth, you will never lose weight. Hubby and I have tried different kind of diets that work according to other people...from fad diet to diabetic diet, but none of them worked because of inconsistency and lack of motivation. I wonder if diet pill would work for us. I need to consult hubby about it to see if he will agree since he is not a big fan of diet pills and weight loss supplements. Who knows, he might considers it this time...there is no harm in trying anyway, as long as you consult your physician first, right!?

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