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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CC: He Doesn't Like to be Tickled!

There is only one thing that annoys hubby so much. When I tickle him under his armpits, both sides of his waist. The one that he really, really hates is that when I tickle him between his bottoms, lol! The look on his face when I do that is making me laugh! Imagine when you see your hubby's facial expression when he want to smile and frown at the same time!

Rodliz’s Nest


  1. Mostly men doesnt like tickling...even my husband, my brothers my friends..maybe maarte lang talaga mga lalaki..hehhe

    Mine is here... http://jenny-thewayiusetobe.blogspot.com/2011/04/cc-how-do-i-annoy-him.html

  2. oh! i haven't tried that yet, lol!

  3. hahhaha..so sensitive then...i will be annoyed with my husband when i tickled him..he's so insensitive, and worse if he tickled me back because i can't bear it..am the opposite so better not to do it! hhehe, happy CC cel, mine is up too..see yah!

  4. ug nganung kiboton man jud pud pag gitik cel oi? maka kisi kisi pud tag was oras ana lolz... thanks for reading my first CC diay!

  5. Hehehe! nakikinikinit ako na ang face ni Matt. ticklish pala hubby mo, si Rodney nabubusit kapag sinasalat ko ang butt crack nya, hahaha! sa armpit di masyadong ticklish yun, yung sa tagiliran, di ko ginagalaw, kasi baka mabigwasan ako sa gulat nya..:)

  6. hehe!

    mas gusto yan ng bossing ko minsan...