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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CC: I Cried a River

Being an emotional and sensitive person, I cry when hubby and I have misunderstandings. I cry when I feel like I am failing as a mother to my son. I cry when I miss my parents and siblings. I cried an ocean when we lost our first child to stillborn and still cry every time I think of her, and every time I see an eight year old girl playing with her young brother.

Anyway, since this topic is for couple only. I'll say that I cried a river during the first few weeks of our marriage. We were still in the period of adjustment then. You can imagine how hard it was for us...for we didn't spend a lot of times getting to know each other in person. Online courting is a lot different than in person. We met through internet...and it was really different when we finally live together under one roof. Things like differences in opinions, the way we were raised, and etc...needs a lot of understanding, patience and compromising, and most of all love. But those days are all over now (thanks goodness!)....and all part of the history. This is my share on....

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  1. i cry a lot too :) married life is not a bed of roses, we need to learn continuously, daily, for we are the ones running our lives :)

    thanks sis for following me :)

  2. adjustment period is really one of the toughest times but once you get through it, it's a great achievement...

    Here’s my share:


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    Thank you.

  3. weee at least nalagpasan nyo un stage na un :)

  4. Though i didn't experience what they call 'adjustment period' i heard about it from other people, lol!

  5. Yup, I agree dun sa mahirap talaga na magkasama kayo sa iisang bubong na di nyo pa kilala nag isa't isa, since we all have different characteristics. I bet it's painful for you losing a child, and I pray that I don't have to go through what you went and going through. Women cry all the time, for whatever reason we cry. because we're women.