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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CC: Petty Quarrels

I don't remember a time that Matt and I quarrel a lot! All I can remember is that we have few misunderstandings when we were still newly wed due to our differences in culture, values and opinions. Those times, we made sure that we talked things over; and tried not to sleep on it! Sleeping without solving the problems will only make it worst; and that is what happened when we did. We both didn't feel good. So the next day, we both apologized and gave each other hugs.

Matt is a very understanding and patient person. When I am upset, he would just shut his mouth till he feels like I am ready to talk and is already calm. He always know the right words to say to make me feel better. We learned then that good communication is the key. Both of us has a say in the problems...and are both amicable in the solution to the problems. We do compromise and communicate a lot, thus making our marriage stronger.

The last time we had misunderstanding was a couple of months ago when he compared how I treat his parents to mine. I got so upset that I even burst into tears! Because we both know how much I love his parents; and that I treat them like my own. I didn't want to say anything that would hurt his feeling, and so I left the room. I went to the bathroom and he followed me there....still mad. To make the story short....because I wasn't saying anything, he stopped talking and left. Then later on, he realized he was wrong and apologized. I told him that I hate it when he compared his parents to mine. He then promised me he'd never do it again ever!

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  1. oh... that really was painful. i think we have the same way of handling things. if i think i could say something i would regret afterwards, i'd rather stay away and let myself cool down..

  2. Tingin ko nga ke Matt mukhang super bait, mukha ngang di nagagalit eh. Parang mas madalas na ikaw nag galit, hehehe. MInsan talaga ate Ces, nagiging dahilan ng misunderstanding ang comparing of families. minsan ganyan din kami ni rodney eh, na se sensitive ako kapag pamilya ko na ang pinag uusapan. hay...

  3. nakaka relate ako... pero parang ako ata ang nag cocompare lagi. hahaha!!! sana ganyan din ako, yung di nalang sasabihin para di makasakit... kaso parang di kumpleto pag di ko nasabi ang sama ng loob ko... but tama si ate liz, ate ces... parang bait bait ng hubby mo, pero mabait ka rin naman talaga kaya kahit anong prob, i'm sure eh magiging ok in the end.