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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CC: Meet My Father and FIL

It is not fair if we don't pay tribute to our fathers who brought us into this world together with our mothers, and so Liza decided to make "meet my father" a theme for this week's Couple's Corner. It is also in conjunction with the coming Father's Day on the 20th of this month (June). Now, here is my share.

My father doesn't really like picture or should I say, a camera shy person and so this is the only photo I can find where he (on gray t shirt) is included.

Meet my father whose nickname is "Lope" was borne and raised in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Second and youngest child in the family of four. My father "Ama" in Tagalog is a quiet man who seldom gets angry. I can really count with my fingers the times he laid his hands on us and that only happened when he was really, really mad. Growing up, I remember my father being a hard working person who loves his family. He didn't get the chance to go to college due to poverty, but despite of that, he is person who values education highly that is why he did his best to send us to college so we can have better education and eventually better future. He is now 74 year old, still strong for his age. I can only say he is healthy if he will only quit smoking. Honestly, I am not that close to my father, but we both know in our hearts that we love each other though we don't really express it in words, but in action. I admire him for the hard work he has done for us and his willingness to help his grandchildren's finish education by helping them financially. A simple person who always thinks of other more than himself. I love my father so much and my only dream for him is that he can come to see us here someday hopefully in the near future together with my mother.

This is taken day after Jake and I got home from the hospital.

This is my FIL, Merrill Kenyon, who lives in NM all his life; a retired Engineer and military man who enjoys outdoor. He is 80 year old and yet still very active. I love my FIL despite of being strict and critical at times; we still get along pretty well though. He and hubby are very close. They talk over the phone every week and visits (with my MIL) us at least once a year. He is an opposite of my father for he talks a lot and very often with his children. They are very active at church where they belong. The funny thing is that he only decided to finally get baptized at a Catholic church five years ago. He became grandfather almost six year ago that is why he doesn't have energy to play with my son, Cody and Grant's much, but he is still trying.

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  1. with the help of our Lord, your parents can visit you there very soon. si tatay ko rin medyo camera shy kaya nahirapan din akong maghanap ng picture. tapos yung nakikita ko e palagi pa syang nakahubad, nakakahiyang i-post, ehehe.

    happy father's day to your Ama and to your FIL! and course to Matt.

  2. Shy mn d i imung papa ces no, well i know someday both your parents will be able to visit you guys. Si matt ky liwat sa iya father. Thanks for sharing tsang.

  3. Mahiyain pala si Papa sa picture hehehe. You are so blessed with a loving father ate ?Ces.. Pwede to ate sa Nostalgia.. Kumusta ka na?

    Meeting our Fathers

  4. at least kahit mahiyain si papa eh naka smile naman sya sa picture dba? hehe...

    ako din ate ces, yun ang dream ko sa papa ko at kung papalarin, sa mga tito at tito ko nadin... na sana madala ko sila dito...

  5. ganyan talaga ata mga father, di tayo vocal to say how much we love them.. but we love them as much.. my father din, naku ayaw magpapa pic.. so sad lang for us at iniwan kame ng maaga.