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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CC: Back In Each Other's Arms!

When I was single, I promised myself that I will never get myself involved with a foreigner for the reason that I don't want to get married and then get divorce later on. As we all know, divorce is very common in the U.S. compared to the Philippines or any other countries like those in Asia. But here I am, married to a white/Caucasian guy, lol! I realized now that I was wrong. It doesn't matter who you are married with...you will end up apart or separated, divorced or however you call it if you didn't do your best to work things out...if you or both of you are selfish enough to only think of yourself...forgetting that you have kids who will be badly affected by it.

Anyway, here we see many people get married and after few years...they decided that they don't need each other anymore. What a shame! Hubby and I believe that things can be patched up if both are willing to try to save their marriage. I am glad that I am married to a guy who doesn't believe in divorce, separation etc...

Anyway, don't really have something to share on "being together again."

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  1. I can relate to that, my parents at first don't like the idea of me being married to a foreigner due to divorce option, like you, i'm fortunate to have a hubby who doesn't believe in separation & divorce, an Irish-Catholic raised. I find your site interesting so I added it to my blogroll, in your free time, check it out, adding me will be appreciated. Have a nice day!

  2. I never thought that I will marry a foreigner either. Ayaw ko ng kano dati kasi ang tatangkad tapos sabi ko di nakain ng kanin, :) Look at me now, I am married to one and I am so happy and blessed. God knows who's perfect for us. That's all I can say..

  3. you're so right Cecille, whatever race you both have, marriage will fail if you don't work it out. happy to hear that you both believe in patching up and saving the marriage no matter what. my Couple's Corner entry is here.

  4. People chage as the time goes on. God has the last to say who will become our partner forlife.

    Yeah!! lucky you that you have that kind of mentality hubby.

  5. same here, Ate Cecille, I don't have anything to share for this particular topic coz we were never separated. if we were, like now, it's only physically because he works abroad, lol!