"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CC: We Celebrate US in Small and Simple Ways

Okay, 'how do we celebrate being together?' Matt and I celebrate it during his day off. Since he works night shift, his three days off every week are spent....running errands together, we sometimes eat out if we feel like it or simply cuddle while watching our favorite tv shows or movie in demands. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive.....just simply being together makes us happy and contented. For instance, today he said he wanted to take me out for lunch at my favorite restaurant (TGI Friday), but I said ''no.'' I just want to stay home and be with him. So we just took a nap! Sometimes, we just go to the temple, watch movie, or have dinner with friends. I just love being with him....sometimes we wished that he doesn't have to go to work so we could be together all the time, lol! But that is not going to happen....he needs to work otherwise we would starve to death....for love isn't enough to survive our life together! Anyway, someday we'd like to go for a cruise to celebrate being together as well as our wedding anniversary. Kailan kaya yun? Hopefully in the near future...maybe next year!

What about you? Share with us...how you celebrate being together with your better half! My share for this week on....

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  1. being together is PRECIOUS already for us :D spending time together is also how we celebrate our love Ces. ((hugs))
    my Couple's Corner entry

  2. As long as you're together ate Cecile, that's all that matters, sabi mo nga, it doesn't need to be fancy or expensive. Kahit sa living room at me popcorn while watching a movie, oks na rin. Kung pwede nga lang bang wag na mag work di ba? hehehe..kaso di ka pakakainin ng Love lang, hehehe..

  3. nyahaha!!! kahit san talagang lugar..basta magkasam okay na noh!!!

    Hindi din maiiwsan ang mga kasweetan sa mga ganyang panahon!!! hihih

  4. wow! cruise... gusto ko rin un...


  5. yes..whaever and where ever as long as you're together..its a celebration.

    mine is up too ces.

  6. same here, i prefer to stay at home when it's my husband's rest day. we watch movie in the DVD and then take a nap..

    by the way, do you mind checking this one out http://kimmyschemy.info/2011/03/happy-birthday-to-my-sister-liz.html

  7. that's very true Ms. Cecile...being together doesn't need to be expensive...cos' being together is more than any riches could ever gave us...

    mine's here:

  8. Ahhh that's really sweet, Miss Cess. Our husbands really know how to make us happy. We were thinking of going on cruise too as part of our celebration to a good life, happy marriage and our wonderful togetherness. Have a nice day, Miss Cess! God bless your family.