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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashionable Accessories

Lately, I have been finding myself liking the accessories such as set of earring and necklace. I used to hate it, but for some reason, I started liking it when a friend of mine gave me a necklace she made. She actually sell these stuffs online, but she gave me one, free! And since beads are not that expensive at all; I heard. I consider making my own accessories myself, that way I'll be able to save and at the same time make them the way I want and they will coordinate with the clothes I'll be wearing. Now, I need to look online where they sell beading supplies for a cheaper price. I have plenty of time to make some earring and necklace for my nieces back home. I am pretty sure they will love it! Anyway, I have few collections of earring and necklaces given by friends and some of them I bought at a gift shop in the hospital. I love wearing them!

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  1. wow, i m crazy for accessories, & believe me I found your blog really Interesting as this is of my interest.....