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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CC: Our Plan on Father's Day

Five more days and it will be Father's Day. Hubby and I don't have any plan of doing something special, but go to church that day. Every year the church (LDS) where we belong prepares something special for mothers and fathers. Last month small kids from 3 to 11 year old presented a song while the young men (youth) ages 12 to 17 gave us (mothers) red Roses. On the other hand, on Father's Day.....fathers usually get cookies from young women (youth) and of course, song from small kids as well.

Hubby doesn't want any gift, but a card; and he is happy with that. Plus, I don't buy him anything anymore unless he gives me hint of what he really wanted to get. He buys his own clothes, shoes and all. The other day while we were at Harbor Freight, he saw this pretty neat work bench which was on sale and said he wanted it for the garage. And since he likes to work in the garage and we are moving to our new house soon (Saturday), I told him that if he really wants it (he needs it actually), he can get it and that would be our present for him on father's day. He didn't say no, which means he like it. Oftentimes, when I ask him what he wants for his birthday, our anniversary or on father's day, he would always say "nothing....please don't buy me anything." We will not go anywhere either for we are busy with our coming move. He would be very happy if we are done moving our stuffs up at the new house before he goes back to work a week from now.

What about you? Any plans for FD? Share with us by going to Liza's Couple's Corner blog.


  1. bait naman ng hubby mo...soo easy to please!

    Happy Father's day to your Mr. Wonderful!

    Hope you can visit my entry here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/06/fathers-day-celebration.html

  2. You are one lucky woman Ces, your hubby seems like a real family man and very loving father.
    This picture looks so classic.

    BTW, Ces, pls teach me how to get approval from Payu2. How long did you wait to get an email from them. Did you send email for follow up?

    Thanks so much :)

  3. Hi Te Ces, was here today too :) Oops, hubby is here na, ehehe, anyway, happy father's day to your hubby as well. Got all your link added to my new domain :)


  4. Talagang gusto ni daddy ang bench... Ako din unless he gives me hint, I just give card... though sya, kahit sabihin kong wag na, lagi paring meron... hehe...

    Goodluck on your move, Ate Ces! Nakaka excite yan!

  5. hahaha, di sya tumanggi ibig sabihi gusto nya. nai-imagine na nya siguro ang bench sa garage nyo. love the picture, ces!

  6. Hello Ces..Send my warm Happy Father's day to your beloved.

    BTW, thanks for the info about Payu2, waaah..it takes time for them to approve? Well, I guess I just need to work more hard for my PR so I can sign up with other affiliates instead.

  7. Pareho pala si Matt at si Rodney, laging sinasabing he doesn't need anything daw. Tama na raw ang aking love at affection, hehehe! kala mo naman totoo. Wahahaha! I hope maka move kau ng maayos. Kung magkalapit lang tayo, tulungan kita eh.. I want pictures ha.

  8. awwwwwwww...ka sweet sa mag ama...musta ang inyong pag balhin te? musta ang inyong father's day celebration?

    sensya na karon lang ko kabalik...we just got back from cali last weekend...ehehehe!

  9. Ideally the child would have their allowance saved up and use that, but if that isn't enough. It would probably be better to ask the person that they live with for the majority of the time, be it the mother or the father.

  10. Normally it shouldn't be the step-parents responsibility, but use it only if the other suggestions fail.