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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CC: Hardest Days of Our Marriage

Just like everyone I know, the hardest days of our marriage was the first year. The adjustment period was very difficult for me especially. Though we love each other so much and that we both have the same religious belief, Matt and I still have so many differences. As I mentioned on my last CC entry, I was super sensitive with everything he said and did. I cried a lot, too. I am glad those days are over! Those days thought me lessons in life I am forever grateful for.

I got pregnant in 2002 and was saddened by the unexpected death of our first child. Ruth died inside me (stillbirth) six and a half months after. We were both devastated. It took a long while before we accepted the fact that she was gone. I must admit, I still miss her. I still cry every time I think of her. And my eyes are teary right now as I write this part of my post.

My kidney started to fail after Jacob was borne. Eighteen months later, I have to go to dialysis for my kidney stopped working. My poor husband was burdened with stress at work and taking care of our one year old baby. He has to juggle his time between work, babysitting and taking care of me for I was always tired and no energy to do things around the house. Thank goodness, God was very mindful of us; He took care of us during those times. Eight months later (on dialysis) I was blessed with new kidneys. Two baby kidneys were transplanted in me. And so far, they are still doing their job and I am doing great.

In 2007, Matt got lay off from his job of seven years. It was the hardest time ever since we weren't prepare for it. We didn't have any choice but to sell the first house we purchased six months after our wedding. I was very emotional that time that I even cried. It was the stressful years in our lives. The good thing though is that, he was hired by a company that was based in VA. As soon as we sold our house, the company moved us and he and started working again. Exactly a year after our moved in VA, he was laid off again. The company the worked for closed and eventually filed for bankruptcy.

In June of 2008, Matt was rehired by Texas Instruments again through Volt; he worked temporarily and eventually became a regular Tier again six months later. With all the of these trials, God never left us. He was always there....guiding us, helping us and strengthening us. Whatever we are and we have right now, we owe it ALL to HIM! Trials and tribulations made my husband and I better persons....stronger and wiser than ever. And we thank God for those days because our faith and testimony of God's love and mercy were strengthened.


  1. wow! no wonder you’re really united as couple because of all these hardships that you’ve gone through.thanks..

  2. I thought kami lang ni Rodney ang nagkaroon ng mga hardship, although mas grabe ang sa amin, I still admire you and will admire you for your being strong and keeping the marriage going. There are instances that a couple can get separated due to financial problem. Even when you lost Ruth, you were both brave and faced tomorrow. And the most important is, you kept your faith in God, trials will come to our lives and it would be up to us to believe that God will always be with us especially in those times of troubles, he will carry us if we have faith in Him.

  3. What a story! Reminded me of my own... except for the kidney part. It's true that God is always beside us especially during hardships. Keep on believing! =) Have a blessed day ahead.

  4. was here, reading.. its inspiring.. God is really good all the time

  5. Lahat ng marriage may hardest and super tough part talaga ano and survive ces so thats great.

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