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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Year's Eve with My In -Laws

The other day, my husband had a doctor's appointment in Dallas. Since our place is at least 35 minutes away from where we live now, I told him to just drop me off at the mall for I don't want to wait long at the doctor's office. And so he did, for I don't want to waste my time doing nothing. While at the mall I looked for winter shoes like boots I can wear at church and one when I need to walk at the snow. I was very disappointed that I didn't find the one I like that suits my budget. I guessed I better buy the one I saw online. I did see some sweaters that I can wear when we go spend the new year at my in-laws this winter. We really need something that will warm us for it is always cold in there and snows a lot, too. And since I'll purchase boots online, I might as well buy sweaters for me, hubby and son online; that way I'll able to save and the shipping would be cheaper. Yup, we are all excited to spend time with my in-laws for we would also see my brother and sister in-laws and their families. This would be a great reunion, don't you think?

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