"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

CC: Sensitivity

This week's theme for Couples Corner reminds me of the first few years of being married to a my husband. I tell you it wasn't easy being married to a white guy; I have been super sensitive during those years. I get hurt easily with small things he says or do. Well, for one thing, we came from two different countries, different background, and culture, not to mention the language barrier. I sometimes misunderstood what he said and vice versa. And when I do, I just go to our bedroom and cries. He doesn't even know that he hurt my feelings and so he will keep asking questions till I talk. There was even a time that he got to frustrated and punched the wall that made his hand bleed. He couldn't get any answers from me because I don't want to say anything. Now, I say that I am as hard as a rock, I can take his joke without being hurt. In fact he is the one who is super sensitive now and couldn't even take a joke sometimes. So I always tell him to lighten up, and to not be all the time. On the other hand, he admires me for being a sensitive person when it comes to other people's feeling. He said I know just the right words to say on different circumstances without hurting their feelings. It must be a gift from God I supposed. Anyway, if he admires me for that trait, I admire him too for being very consistent when it comes to losing weight. He walks everyday for at least an hour, eat healthy foods and taking his vitamins. To help him speed up the weight loss, process, I better suggest that he take a diet pill. Since there are many companies that claim they have the best diet pills in the market today, he must choose which once fits his health and budget on top of being effective and safe diet pill.


  1. haha, ganun na ganun ako sayo ate Ces. palagi na lang umiiyak before,nung mga 1st 2 months ko but now I know my husband well kaya not so much kunti na lang but di na iyakin.haha..Mamihasa rin ako soon.hehe..have a great weekend!

  2. Sa umpisa kasi na nagkakakilala pa lang kayo ng ugali, nakow eh talagang kahit paano eh maiiyak ka sa kahit anong word na masasabi nila, ganyan din ako non, iba kasi ang mga ugali ng puti di ba? although mabait sila, pero parang feeling natin lagi tayong inaapi, hahaha! gaya mo rin ate Ces, ngayon di ko na pinapansin ang mga sinasabi ni Barnett, hehehe..siya na minsan ang napipikon sa akin, pinatapang ako ng panahon, hahaha!

  3. wow! that is a very nice story of transformation. and you are one of the few people who were able to strengthen their weakness and became a better person. nice post!