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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Secure Job for Her

After four and a half years in college, next month is going be an exciting time for my niece who is about to finish her refresher class for accounting. She is a smart young woman who graduated an accounting course early this summer. We have the faith in her that she'll pass the board exam this fall. Right now she is in Manila waiting for the day of her exam and is living with my brother. I told her to relax and stop worrying about it. Good thing she took the accounting course for it is an in demand job both in the here and in the country where she lives. It would be nice if she would get a job abroad; for instance here in he U.S., there are many companies in need of accountants to help them. I, myself have seen many accounting jobs or positions on the classified ads everyday. This kind of job can give her job security as well as good salary. When she passes the board exam for accountants, then she would be able to land a good job that would help her earn more than enough to help her siblings with their college education.

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