"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Monday, September 6, 2010

CC: We Help and Support Each Other

It's Couple's Corner once again; time flies so fast! Anyway, here is my share for this week's theme "we help and support each other." For a marriage to succeed, couple help each other to make the goal happens. There must be love, trust, understanding, compromise, devotion, and last but not the least, helping and supporting each other no matter what. As a stay at home mother and wife, my job is to take care of my family's need from cooking, cleaning the house, laundry, grocery shopping to a child sitter :-); aside from that, I am also a good listener, and sometimes a shock absorber when hubby needs one. He seeks my opinions and advices when he has problems at work and I love that. Having experienced being by himself to tend for our son's needs, hubby knew how hard my job is as a homemaker and so he helps with the shores during his days off. He makes breakfast, gives Jake a bath and walks him off to school. Yup, when he is off, he spoils me....I can stay on bed late and be lazy all day if I feel like it. He also supports me with whatever worthy goals I have and vice versa. Hubby is not a perfect husband and neither do I and so, part of helping each other is being a critic towards each other, that way, we know what to do and how to act and respond properly in public and private. It is comforting to know that aside from God, we are and we'll be there to help and support each other in all aspects of our lives be it emotional, intellectual, physical as well as spiritual.


  1. you deserve to be pampered on his off. thinking of kids in the future and reading every mom's post on CC makes me feel nervous.How hard it is to be a superwoman. ;) But I know life wouldn't be complete without the beautiful kids.Besides hubby will be at my side :)

    Ultimate Opposite

  2. wahhh, nalaktawan ko ang entry mo. 2 days kasi akong nag co comment eh. sorry ate Ces and thanks for reminding me. Alam mo namang wala akong na mi miss na entry mo sa CC unless na ako eh nakalaktaw..

    snyways, bakit ikaw na i ispoil ni Matt? si Rodney bihira na ako ma spoiled although siya ang taga gawa ng mabibigat. kapag need ng muscles at height siya yun hehehe. But, it's great na you and your hubby help each other not only on physical aspect but morally, psychologically and emotionally. Alam mo bihira na sa mag asawa ang full support sa isa't isa kaya swerte tayo at ang mga asawa natin eh di man perfect, but they are perfect for us.

  3. There must be love, trust, understanding, compromise, devotion, and last but not the least, helping and supporting each other no matter what.... I wish we have these qualities ces hehe. hindi completo qualities namin as married couple kaya siguro mahirap i work out relation ship namin. I tend to withdraw myself if my partner isnot worthy of it. Joe and I still adjusting actually with our marriage. Hope we learn to have all these things para walang away