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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CC: Places We Go

Rodliz’s Nest

If you ask me why where's my favorite place to go and why...without thinking I would say that it would be where my hubby and son is. We love being together as family. We can go anywhere as long as we are together doesn't matter.
Hubby's fave place to go is where he was born and raised and same thing with me. I love that place because of its beautiful location and the view is great. The nature, mountains are perfect for tourists and traveler alike. However, the place where I grew up is opposite of how I describe my hubby's folks place, but I don't care as long as I am near my parents and siblings.

Together, hubby and I go shopping, dine out, run errands, church, hospital, and more. Anyway, when we feel like eating pancakes, we go to IHOP, steaks at Outback Steak, Chinese foods at Taiwan Cafe and China buffet, Tex-Mex at Cocita's and Tino's Too, Pizza at SBarro and Little Caesars, and Braums for ice cream, burgers, and Pho Bach for Vietnamese foods, fried chicken at KFC. Grocery wise, we go to Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart, fresh produce at Sprouts, TJ Maxx and mall for clothes and shoes. What about you? Where is your fave places to go? Share it with us by clicking the badge below.

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  1. Wahhh, di ko nalagay ang KFC, pero pareho tayo ng Walmart at TJ Maxx, then yung Chinese Buffet.

    But walang tatalo sa home sweet home di ba? in the arms of someone you love. I also love going to the Philippines, kaso lang sobrang mahal, ehehehe..magtiis na lang dito mangarap kung kelan makauwi di ba?

    Thanks for joining ate Cecile..