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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Judge Not that Ye Be Not Judgeth!

It is amazing how some people are quick to judge others from the mistakes they have done accidentally or intentionally. I am not saying I am perfect; I am just human who has weaknesses and makes mistakes a lot of times...and that teach me a valuable lesson in life which is " The more you know yourself, the less you criticize or judge others." This is very true! I am a firm believer, that you can not judge the book by it's cover. I've known a lot of people who say something, but do another. They pray and ask for God's forgiveness, but cannot forgive others. Some think they know better because they are older and don't believe on the capabilities of the younger generation. Anyway, sometimes, I tend to avoid those types of people as much as I could for they are bad influence to me and others. Don't blame me, but I am just being honest with what I feel. I am a forgiving person, but sometimes, I feel like I tolerate someone if I keep forgiving him/her for the same mistake or sin done with me. I know that God told us to forgive those who sinned against us over and over again, but I tell you, it isn't easy. But I am trying! It isn't easy, but for sure, it would be worth it...in the end!


  1. very well said teCes...just like you...i avoid to be friended with that kind of person....bad influence...ehehehe!

  2. You cannot avoid people like that,meron kasing ganyang tao eh...

  3. I agree with you ces. and some people are born users. the more you gove them easily the more they will hurt you and take advantage of you.