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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CC: The Couple Who Loves to Watch Movies!

Matt and I love to watch movies whether at home or at the movie house. When we really, really want to see the movie, we would go to watch it on matinee time so we would save bucks without waiting for it to be available on DVD. But if we are not that excited about that certain movie, we would wait till it is on DVD. However, he loves sci-fi and I am not particularly into that kind of movie, but we both enjoy comedy, romantic, western (cowboys) and suspense. On the other hand he hates horror movies. And if we are watching something am not interested to, you can expect to see me sleeping with my had on his lap :-)! Yup, even at the theater, if I don't really like the movie, I would snooze in the middle of it.

At home, we mostly watch our fave old movies or fave comedy shows like George Lopez, Ugly Betty, King of Queens and AFV. Sometimes, we would ask each other "what was going on" or " what did he/she say?" Good thing we can pause or even rewind or fast forward it. We also we take turns sometimes especially when I am watching my Pinoy soap, or he would watch his fave tv shows am not interested in. But usually we always agree with the same shows or movies and watch it together. And when we really like the movie/s, we add it to our collection by buying it on DVD...no wonder why we have plenty of DVD's home. How about you guys? Share yours with us by clicking the badge below :-)!

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  1. Kami ni Rodney, we also like some movies, but most of his movies eh yung mga bloody, killing, Like Saw movies, I never liked it. ayaw kong nakakakita ng mina murder, hehhee. Kaya minsan magkaiba ang pinapanood namin, or minsan naman eh nakikinood na rin ako, nagugustuhan ko naman but very seldom yun, hehehe..

  2. kami din ang daming DVD's, puro war movies. mahilig kase kami sa action. at dapat may nginguya habang nanonood.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your story...nice to know :)

  4. hahaha!!! kame walang mga DVDs... binibili lang namin mga DVDs ni alyssa.. kase nasasayang lang eh.. di naman kame nag uulit ng movie... so we watch online for free.. =)