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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Love this Promotional Bag!

Every where I go, I can't help but notice something that helps save the planet earth; and that is the promotional bags! I see at it grocery stores, apartment's leasing offices, some department stores and etc... This is great! You are not only promoting your shop or store, products, services, and more, but also reuse it, thus saving the mother earth. Whoever invented this, has a great mind and love for our environment; don't you think? Last time hubby and I visited the leasing office of the apartment complex where currently live, I saw plenty of promotional bags at their stock room, I thought of asking the receptionist for one, but forgot about it because we were busy faxing important documents to the mortgage company where we applied for a loan. Maybe next time I go there again, will make sure to get one :-)!

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