"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CC: Our Days at Work!

For this week CC, Liz chose "Days at Work" as the theme. I don't think I do have something to write about it since I don't work outside home. I am just a full time homemaker and mother who keeps myself busy performing my everyday responsibilities such... taking care of my son and husband's need, household chores, running errands, and blogging during my spare time. Other than that, there's nothing much to tell. However, leaders of the church where we belong taught us that: There's no greater responsibility/calling of woman than that of being a mother to her children. Tending to their needs and being there when they need her. Thus, mother should stay home if finances is not a problem. I believe that a woman's place is at home. It is a noble calling every mother should be proud of! " Let us stop saying " am just a stay at home Mom or Wife." Anyway, Let's talk about our hubby's job. They are the provider...and a partner with their wives on raising and disciplining their kids. My husband makes sure that we have all the things that we need, that would have enough for emergency as well as the future. His job also is to balance our life with spiritual as well as temporal things...and I am on his side to support him. Though I don't work, we always make sure that we talk about how our days went? If he has problem at work, he never hides but shares it with me....and it feels good to know that even though I know nothing about his job...he still wants my feelings and opinions about it. He is not shy to tell me when is nervous about something that bothers him regarding his job. And I am there to listen and give encouragement when he needs one....and vice versa.

I am so lucky that Matt is able to work to sustain our need without me working outside home. I can work if I want to and he never asks or forces me to nor never stop me if I choose to. He always says that "it is the a decision I will need to make myself, and he will support me whatever my decision would be. For now, I am enjoying my life as a mother and wife....and a homemaker :-)! How about you? Care to share your thoughts and feelings? Click the badge and join us!

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  1. Ate Ces, wag mong isnabin ang work natin as a stay at home wife and mom. This is the hardest job of all. It's always a great feelign kapag ang mga hubbies natin eh nag open up sa atin about something di ba? Parang ang sarap tanggapin na ki no consider nila ang ating ideas or opinions. I always like it when Rodney talks to me and say " what do you think of this" or "I need your input on this one" Feeling ko smart ako at importante sa hubby ko ang aking opinyon, di ba? Cheers tayo dyan!!!

  2. Korek ka dyan Liz, yan ang pinakamahirap na job sa buong mundo ah hehehe and less paid pa ikamo lol.. Maswerte tayo sa mga hubs ate!

    Oiiist galing naman, PR2 na pala tong bago mong blog, ang bilis!

  3. pareho tayong sahm, ces pero nakakapagod din yun a. minsan mas mahirap pa yata kesa sa nagoopisina.

    <a href="http://momsupsndowns.blogspot.com/2010/04/simple-life.html>My Entry</a>

  4. how i wish na pag ako naging mommy na rin stay at home mom na lang din ako gaya sainyo...

  5. blessings to you Mommy Cecile, it's really a blessing to be a stay at home mom...