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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Edema Needs Treatment

Health is very important in my house. My kidney started to fail back 2003 and totally stopped working when my son was only a little over a year old. It was hard for me and my hubby to deal at my health problem on top of caring with our little one, and a demanding job. Somehow we managed to survived and after eight month on dialysis, I received a renal transplant. We owe it to God who is always there for us , and to the generous donor. I have given a second life and was very grateful for that! Okay, that was I. Now, let's talk about hubby's legs and feet problem. I am so worried about him for he has the edema for many years now and we didn't know what to do. Then, two months ago when we spoke to his sister who happened to be a nurse told us that he needs to use a special stocking. This kind of stocking is called compression stocking that can be purchased at compression stockings online. This medical product can be expensive but will really help with your legs and feet problem like edema and other.

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