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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Need to Lose Weight

I used to be skinny when I was single. I can eat whatever I want without any worries of gaining weight till I got married. Hubby and I ate out a lot during the first year of our marriage; the result....we gained a lot of weight! Good thing it was very easy for me to control my appetites and do some exercise. But when my kidneys stopped working I was on dialysis for eight months before I finally get a renal transplant. After the transplant, I have to take many medications to avoid rejection. One of the immunosuppressants I am taking is steroid. Taking steroid makes me eat more than I should, and because of that I gained weight again. I never thought that I would look for Diet pills appetite suppressants! I really need to lose weight so I can avoid any complications associated with being overweight. My doctor told me that I needed to go back to my ideal weight, therefore I need to shed at least twenty pounds. I really think it is possible for me to get my body back to its ideal size.

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