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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saving for DSLR Camera

Trying to be frugal can be hard sometimes. The more you spend less the more you spend more...at least in our case. For the last 8 years, hubby and I find ourselves spending more on electronic stuffs particularly when it comes to digital camera. We both want to preserve every thing that pertains with our son. We took pictures of him and us together as much as we could for we know that we can never turn back our time. Anyway, if there is one major purchase we need that would be a dslr camera that is why we are keeping an eye for slr cameras that are affordable and at the same time have the features we want. The other day while we were looking for a laptop, I saw a SLR camera and fell in love with it. he only problem is that, I already spent my money for a new laptop. Now, it is time to save for a slr camera that I can take for our summer vacation this June.

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